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Are Plans for Your “Over the Edge” Viewing Party Already in Motion?

oteHave you made a shopping list or put in a pre-order at the caterers? Have all your friends and family confirmed that they will be attending your “OTE” viewing party on Saturday, October 4th? Are you thinking about redecorating the room just for the day so it will feel like you and your guests are actually there supporting Delvin Choice as he propels himself off the edge of the Bank of America Building? Bungee Décor Anyone?

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The Drug Molly Claims More Lives!

xtcTwo teens have died and 19 have been hospitalized due to Molly or MDMA use at a day-long electronic dance festival. Apparently, club drugs are even more dangerous when taken in warm temperatures by users who are dehydrated and physically exerting themselves.

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And You Thought There Was Only One Kind of Alcohol to Worry About!


There’s a new powdered form of alcohol called “Palcohol” that may appear on store shelves in September. It can be mixed with water, sprinkled on food or snorted and comes in six flavors including rum, vodka, Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Powderita & Lemon Drop. Since it is packaged in a Kool-Aid sized packet that can fit easily into a pocket, it is feared that it may be too accessible to youth.

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Smoke-Free Restaurant & Bar Laws Increase Revenues!

restSECONDHAND SMOKE FACT: A 2005 study analyzed how smoke-free laws affect distribution of revenues between bars & restaurants. Critics have often claimed prohibiting smoking reduces revenues. Tax revenue data suggests the effect is just the opposite: smoke free restaurant laws are associated with an increase in restaurant revenues, while smoke-free bar laws are associated with an increase in bar revenues...


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Celebrate Family Day 2014! Eat Dinner with Your Kids!

eatParents who eat dinner with their kids on a regular basis and engage them in conversation can prevent their kids from becoming involved in underage alcohol, tobacco & other drug use and other risky behaviors! Even talking with your kids while driving to and from school; gymnastics / baseball practice; the mall; or even the grocery store can help parents get to know their kid’s interests, concerns, thoughts, and feelings to better connect with them...
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Dog Bite Leads to Important Discovery!


Curt Schilling, former major league baseball player with the Boston Red Sox, was recently treated for oral cancer and points to his use of smokeless tobacco for more than 30 years as the cause for an illness of which he was unaware. Luckily, a dog bite brought it to his attention…



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Have Some Secondhand Smoke with That?!

restAccording to the “2008 Zagat Survey: America’s Top Restaurants of 132,000 Americans”, “77% of diners would eat out less if smoking were permitted in restaurants while only 2% would eat out more...”


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GFP Is a Recipient of the Southside Dodgeball Tournament Fundraiser!

dodgeThe Southside High School Lady Tiger Volleyball Team will sponsor the First Annual "Don’t You Dare Do Drugs" Dodgeball Tournament Fundraiser on Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 8:00am at Southside High School, 6630 Frontage at White Horse Road to benefit Greenville Family Partnership and the Southside High Lady Volleyball Team! Join GFP and Southside High in “dodging” drugs!

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It's Almost Time for the Red Ribbon Golf Classic!

golfJoin the Fun! The "Green Valley Red Ribbon VIP Reception" will take place on Thursday, September 25, 2014 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm! The “Green Valley Red Ribbon Golf Classic” 2014 will be held the next day on Friday, September 26, 2014! Registration for the tournament will begin at 10:00am but the "game" will start at 12:00 noon! Proceeds from this event will support drug prevention; parenting; and youth programs in the community!

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GFP Goes “Over the Edge for a Brighter Tomorrow” with Local Celebrity Delvin Choice!

ote On Saturday, October 4, 2014, GFP will be a beneficiary of “Over the Edge for a Brighter Tomorrow”, a rappelling event for non-profits supporting Upstate SC. GFP will be represented by local celebrity, Delvin Choice of season 6 on NBC’s “The Voice” where he made it to the “Top 8”. Delvin will rappel 15 stories from atop the Bank of America Building at 101 N. Main St. to help GFP raise $25,000! Help him reach his goal! Join Delvin in helping GFP to keep kids off alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs! Let’s help Delvin and GFP create a “brighter tomorrow” for kids in Greenville County!

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Join GFP for the Red Ribbon 5K Run & Fun!

runGFP is sponsoring an “Inaugural Red Ribbon Run & Fun” in tribute to Sean Reeves who helped many youth at-risk for substance abuse. This event will be held on Saturday, November 1, 2014 at 10:00am in Trail Blazer Park at 115 Wilhelm Winter Street in Travelers Rest, SC...


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Enter the "Talk to the Hand Challenge"!

talkGFP is sponsoring a “Talk to the Hand Challenge”! Smoking is bad for you, whether you’re doing the smoking or not. Bad teeth, lung problems, heart disease, grey skin… you name it. There are many, many reasons not to smoke. So, let your hand do the talking and tell why you think smoking is bad for you...


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Jersey Mike’s GFP "Month / Day of Giving" Charity Fundraiser!

jmJersey Mike’s has raised over $12,000 in support of GFP through its "Month / Day of Giving" Charity Fundraiser! These funds will be used to help GFP keep kids in the community alcohol, tobacco, and other drug-free! Thank you for making a BIG difference in the community, Jersey Mike's!



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Easley Gymnastics Is Tobacco-Free!

clipEasley Gymnastics is also the winner of the “Field of Dreams” Tobacco-Free Video Clip Contest! So, join GFP in congratulating this team of tobacco-free gymnasts! To view the video, visit GFP's Tobacco section.


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50 Years of Research on Smoking and Health!


Join the CDC in celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health! To learn more, visit

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SMOKE FREE in Greenville County

blog-rssWouldn’t it be great to be able to walk into any restaurant in all of Greenville County and not have to worry about breathing in smoke?

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GFP Raises Awareness Concerning Secondhand Smoke!

Greenville Family Partnership is also dedicated to raising awareness concerning tobacco use BUT there is one aspect to its use that affects people who don't smoke or use any tobacco products of any kind... It's secondhand smoke, which is far more dangerous than most people realize. So, for the next few weeks, this web site will feature some important facts concerning its dangers...

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General Prevention Newsletters!

newsClick here for general alcohol, tobacco & other drugs and parenting related news!

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Community Events Calendar


Click here for GFP-related and other community events; parenting workshops; and national drug prevention dates of interest.

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