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Let's Clear Away the Cigarette Butts for Earth Day!

buttsEarth Day is Wednesday, April 22nd! Did you know cigarette butts are the No. 1 littered item on US roadways and on beaches & waterways worldwide? CIGARETTE BUTTS ARE TOXIC TRASH! STOP LITTERING...! 


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Smoking May Cause Many More Serious Illnesses!

skelSECONDHAND SMOKE FACT: The role that smoking plays in the development of serious illnesses may be greatly underestimated since exposure to secondhand smoke has not been considered in the equation..!

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Talk to Kids Abiout Alcohol on PowerTalk21 Day!

alcTHIS Tuesday, April 21st is the “National Day to Talk to Kids About Alcohol” or “PowerTalk21 day”! Don’t miss this important day! Let MADD give you the tools to help start the conversation about alcohol...!

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This Monday Is “4:20 Marijuana Day”!

420 Pot users may enjoy a “high time” on that day but they may also have some unexpected problems…! Marijuana is a lot more potent than it used to be so there has been an increase in marijuana related emergency room visits & addiction...?


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Talk to Teens During Alcohol Awareness Month!

alcNext week is the third week of “Alcohol Awareness Month”! So, don’t let the opportunity pass you by to talk to your teens / students about the dangers of underage drinking! It’s an important lesson teens need to learn! Explain that the human brain is not fully developed until age 26 so drinking alcohol at a young age can alter brain structure and function…!

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E-cigarettes Appeal to Teens!

ecigThe e-cigarette may have been intended as a tobacco cessation device but for teens it's just a novelty cigarette! Since novelty appeals to teens, e-cigs can either serve as the main nicotine delivery device or a gateway to smoking cigarettes...!


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Jeanette Cannada / Red Ribbon Memorial Scholarship Accepting Applications!

jcThe Jeanette C. Cannada / Red Ribbon Memorial Scholarship Committee is accepting applications! All applications must be submitted by May 4, 2015! Since 1998, this scholarship is awarded in honor of Jeanette Cannada, who gave 30 years of service to education and the prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among youth....

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Marijuana Edibles Are Dangerous!

potIf you live in a state where marijuana is still an illegal drug, rejoice! Because in Colorado, where it is legal, marijuana edibles are causing overdoses, suicides, and so far one homicide…! Apparently, eating marijuana in food or dessert delays the high and makes it last a lot longer plus the companies that make these products aren’t accurately reporting product potency….

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Join GFP for the BMW Charity Pro-Am Golf Tournament 2015!

bmwSupport Greenville Family Partnership at the “BMW Charity Pro-Am Golf Tournament” sponsored by the Synnex Corporation on Thursday-Sunday, May 14-17, 2015...!



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Will Your Teens Be Safe at Prom & After Prom Parties?

promProm Season is the time when teens tend to experiment with alcohol & other drugs because they want so very much to fit in with the crowd at this time. And while we all hope they will have an unforgettable time at the prom, we don’t want it to be because it is was a painful and tragic experience.....

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Thanks Jersey Mikes and Everyone Else!!

jmGreenville Family Partnership (GFP) would like to thank Jersey Mike’s for their support and generosity in sponsoring a “Month of Giving” during the entire month of March and a “Day of Giving" on March 25th to help GFP raise funding. A total of $12,249.78 was raised!

GFP would also like to thank everyone who purchased a meal or made a donation during the month of March and/or on the "Day of Giving".

Thanks for helping GFP to keep kids in our community healthy and drug-free!

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E-Cigarettes, the New Cool Cigarette?!

blog-rssHave you seen the new commercials for a new brand of e-cigarettes? These commercials make e-cigs look like a newer, hipper, cooler cigarette – they even feature a well-known, laidback, cool, Hollywood actor. They promote smoking e-cigs as a way for smokers, who would still be smoking regular cigarettes if not for smoking bans at work; in restaurants; and other public places, to “re-assert their freedom” to smoke in public...

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General Prevention Newsletters!

newsClick here for general alcohol, tobacco & other drugs and parenting related news!

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Community Events Calendar


Click here for GFP-related and other community events; parenting workshops; and national drug prevention dates of interest.

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