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Your Home Could Harbor Secondhand Smoke!


SECONDHAND SMOKE FACT: Apartment complexes are a haven for secondhand smoke! It moves through air ducts, wall & floor cracks, elevator shafts, and along crawl spaces and spread throughout apartments on every floor, even those far from the smoke! Secondhand smoke cannot be controlled with ventilation, air cleaning, or non-smoking sections…


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Lock Up Your Prescription Medications!

mtfAccording to the latest “Monitoring the Future” Study, youth in all grade levels continue to abuse prescription painkillers like Vicodin & OxyContin; prescription drugs for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); and over-the-counter (OTC) cough medicines...!


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Don't Drug & Drive During the Holidays!

alcoholDecember Is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month 2014! Alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs can impair the ability to drive which can lead to serious accidents and deadly injuries - especially for teens who have little driving experience; are easily distracted; and whose brains are not fully developed.  Parents, teachers and other concerned adults can prevent impaired driving by talking to teens about the risks involved in driving under the influence. So, get a conversation going with your teens / students about impaired driving – It’s worth the risk!

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E-Cigarettes, the New Cool Cigarette?!

blog-rssHave you seen the new commercials for a new brand of e-cigarettes? These commercials make e-cigs look like a newer, hipper, cooler cigarette – they even feature a well-known, laidback, cool, Hollywood actor. They promote smoking e-cigs as a way for smokers, who would still be smoking regular cigarettes if not for smoking bans at work; in restaurants; and other public places, to “re-assert their freedom” to smoke in public...

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Parents Can Keep Teens Drug-Free!

riaWhile some parents may feel it's beyond their ability to prevent their teens from using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs if they are determined to do so but two national surveys prove otherwise. There are some tips to help parents keep teens drug-free...


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General Prevention Newsletters!

newsClick here for general alcohol, tobacco & other drugs and parenting related news!

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