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New Liquid Meth!

meth"Liquid Meth" is a new form of meth. It's popularity is increasing among drug dealers because it can be hidden in drinking bottles, candles, gallon drums, and gas tanks and later converted into its crystal or powder form...




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Young Kids Are Drinking Energy Drinks?!

alcoholPoison Control Centers report that 40% of the calls they receive related to “Energy Drinks” involve kids under age six! We know that “Energy Drinks” can be harmful to adults but are harmful to teens. So, is it any wonder that “Energy Drinks” could be even more harmful to young children who are only mimicking Mommie, Daddie, and/or Big Brother/Sister...?


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Secondhand Smoke Causes Cancer in People Who Don't Smoke!

lungsSECONDHAND SMOKE FACT: Secondhand Smoke causes lung cancer in people who have never even smoked cigarettes! Even brief exposure can damage cells in a way that can set cancer in motion! So, living with a smoker increases the chance of getting lung cancer by 20-30%...!


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Take Your Kids to See "A Christmas Story" and Supoprt GFP!

xmasThe Greenville Little Theatre is sponsoring “A Christmas Story” GFP Charity Fundraiser! They will present a stage adaptation of “A Christmas Story”, the Movie! There will be a “Pre-Show” at 7:00PM featuring a silent auction and music performed by students from the “Young Artists Orchestra” of the “Greenville County Youth Orchestra”; the show will start at 8:00pm...!


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Parents Matter in Their Child's Life!

familyParents need to be involved in their child’s life and, according to the experts, that’s not hard to do – even if your child is a teenager. Parents have more influence on their children than their child’s friends; siblings; teachers / coaches; or a “personality” they admire from a Hollywood movie or a social media site….

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Deciding to Smoke Can Be Expensive in More Ways Than One!

burnBecoming a smoker might be a personal choice but it can cost you! And not just the price of a pack of cigarettes but also your health! Smoking can lead to (many) serious illnesses like chronic pulmonary obstructive disease, lung cancer, and heart attack - and it can exacerbate others...!


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SMOKE FREE in Greenville County

blog-rssWouldn’t it be great to be able to walk into any restaurant in all of Greenville County and not have to worry about breathing in smoke?

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General Prevention Newsletters!

newsClick here for general alcohol, tobacco & other drugs and parenting related news!

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Community Events Calendar


Click here for GFP-related and other community events; parenting workshops; and national drug prevention dates of interest.

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